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Adult Education


This group meets for regular Mishnah study.  What are Mishnah Studies?  How did Biblical Judaism morph into the Rabbinic Judaism we practice today?  Together we explore how the rabbis began with the primary text of Torah and expand upon our understanding of the mitzvoth throughout the generations…layer upon layer.  We study Talmud to learn how Jews “think”, and to gain insights into the Jewish mindset and ethical world view.


Join Rabbi Cohen Sunday mornings as we take a trek through the history, theology, values, and ideals of Judaism with an eye toward understanding not only what, but why, we do what we do.

Explore the spiritual meaning behind Judaism’s biggest ideas, the nuts and bolts of daily Jewish practice, and the ancient and contemporary texts and people who helped to make us who we are.

This ongoing class is perfect for those who want to find a deeper connection to Jewish tradition, those exploring Judaism for the first time, and those who simply enjoy travelling a familiar path and finding new things to enjoy along the way! The class meets on Sundays at 10:00am. 

If you are interested in joining either class.  Please reach out to us. 

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