Shabbat Services

 The Board of Directors of Congregation Beth Israel is comprised of members from all segments of our congregational family and all avenues of Synagogue life.  Our spiritual home belongs to all our members, and representation from the full spectrum of our community is embraced to create our vision for now and the future.  

Board meetings are once per month, though our meetings are open to the entire congregation.

Our Prayer before Board Meetings

Adonai, Our God and God of our Ancestors, help us… 

  • To see each other’s strengths, not the shortcomings;

  • To listen to one another, even when we disagree;

  • To understand and internalize the highest values for which we stand: forbearance, generosity, and patience;

  • To delight in possibilities for the future and flee from self-pity;

  • To practice humility and self-reflection;

  • To shun gossip, tale-bearing, and all ugly speech;

  • To remember that each of us has known failure and success, stagnation and growth;

  • To dedicate the strengths God has given us to the betterment of this congregation and this community;

  • To proceed surely and confidently to do the work of this synagogue;

  • To focus on our tasks: to build a holy community and serve God with love.

וְטַהֵר לִבֵּנוּ לְעָבְדְּךָ בֶּאֱמֶת
V’ta-heir libeinu l’avd’kha b’emet
Purify our hearts to serve You truthfully.

Board Members, 2021-2022

President: Tamar Paltrow

1st Vice President (Administration): Paul Della Maggiora

2nd Vice President (Education): Sue Lasser

3rd Vice President (Membership): Miriam Kutcher

Treasurer: Lance Feldman

Financial Secretary: Mike Ungar

Recording Secretary: Laurie Rovin 

Board Member: Richard Zander

Men's Club President: Derek Armstrong

Sisterhood President: Cheryl Gleich

Immediate Past President: Terri Jermon

Ritual Committee Chair: Barry Nocks

At Large Member: Lenny Reznik


Rabbi: Mathew Marko
Religious School Director: Stephanie Glasser-Alfieri
Synagogue Administrator: Trae Martin


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