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High Holy Days 5784/2023


We usher in the High Holy Day season this year on Saturday, September 9th, with our SECOND Annual Selichot Sweep and will formally welcome in the New Year at our Erev Rosh ha-Shana Service on Friday evening, September 15th.
While everyone is welcome and we do not require tickets for attendance, if you have a relative or friend who is NOT a CBI Member attending with you, registration is REQUIRED for security reasons. We recommend a donation be made to CBI for each guest. Please contact the office to register and donate or click below.


September 15, Friday
Ma’ariv Service 6:00pm
September 16, Saturday
Morning Service 9:00am
Youth Program (pre-K – 7th Grade) 10:30am
** Due to Shabbat there is no Shofar Service on 1st Day
and Tashlikh is performed on the 2nd Day (see below)
(Apples, Honey & Rugalach will be served following the service)


September 17, Sunday
Morning Service 9:00am
Shofar Service in Sanctuary approx. 11:15am
Family Service & Tashlikh 4:30pm
After a brief “kid-friendly” service at CBI, we will walk or meet
at Richland Creek (on Poinsettia and Chick Springs, near apts.)


September 22, Friday
Kabbalat Shabbat Service 7:45pm

September 23, Saturday
Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am


September 24, Sunday (at Beth Israel Cemetery w/TOI). 12:45pm


September 24, Sunday
Kol Nidre (promptly) 7:00pm
September 25, Monday
Morning Service 9:00am
Youth Program (Pre-K – 7th Grade) 10:30am
Yizkor approx. 11:45am
Minha 5:15pm
N’ila 6:30pm
Ma’ariv, Havdala, Shofar and Break Fast 7:45pm

September 29, Friday
Shabbat/Festival Evening Service & 6:00pm
Pot-Luck Sukkot Under-the-Stars Dinner

September 30, Saturday
Shabbat/First Day Festival Morning Service 10:00am

 Second Day of Sukkot (Sukka open for use!)

October 1, Sunday
Sunday Religious School Meets 9:00am

October 2nd-6th, Monday-Friday (Sukka open for use)
Hol ha-Moed Sukkot (Intermediate Days)
Wednesday Religious School Pizza in the Hut 5:15pm

October 6, Friday
Shabbat/Festival Evening Service 6:00pm
October 7, Saturday
Shabbat/Festival Morning Service 10:00am
Yizkor approx. 11:40am
October 8, Sunday
Simhat Torah Congregation-Wide Celebration 9:30am
Dancing with Torahs and Reading

High Holiday Guest Registration

Please let us know what services you will be attending.

Thanks for submitting!

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