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Lunch &Learn + Adult  Education



Come in, jump in, and discover the joys of Jewish learning. All are welcome!!!   SEE CALENDAR FOR NEXT DATE


Previous topics covered include:

  • Angels And Demons In Judaism?

  • Purim – Is It A Commandment To Drink?

  • Life After Death – What Do the Torah and the Rabbis Have To Say?

  • Gender and Sexuality in Judaism.

  • Egalitarianism – Is It A Mitzvah For Women To Chant Torah?

  • Kabbalah and God’s Faithfulness

  • Teshuvah – How To Balance The Accounting Of Your Soul To Prepare For Yom Kippur 

  • Pesach – Let’s Not Make Ourselves Crazy

  • Oops!!! - I Forgot It's Shabbat

  • Hanukkah – Did That Oil Thing REALLY Happen?


We also have a continuing group that meets for regular Talmud study.  What is Talmud?  How did Biblical Judaism morph into the Rabbinic Judaism we practice today?  Together we explore how the rabbis begin with the primary text of Torah and expand upon our understanding of the mitzvoth throughout the generations…layer upon layer.  We study Talmud to learn how Jews “think”, and for insights into the Jewish mindset and ethical world view.

Learning is a life-long endeavor.  We are all somewhere on the derekh, somewhere on the path.  Some of us are just beginning to learn of our rich Jewish heritage and tradition, and some of us have been studying for years.  Some of us may be fluent in Hebrew, and some are just beginning to learn theiralef-bet.  And let’s face it, none of us really know Aramaic, even if we say we do 😉  The point is this…where you are makes no difference. 

Be right "where you are" - right here.

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