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Selichot Sweep


Saturday, September 17

Havdalah Service 7:45

Selichot is traditionally observed on the Saturday night prior to the beginning of Rosh ha-Shana and serves to usher in the true start of the High Holy Days. This special night is spent engaging in activities that remind us of the priority of repentance, learning and doing good deeds.

Saturday, September 17

Havdalah Service 7:45

All are invited to join us as we prepare ourselves and the synagogue for the High Holy Days. The event will begin at 7:45 with a beautiful Havdala service will be followed by a "Sweep" of the synagogue as we engage in various tasks to prepare our spiritual home for the High Holy Days. Help us:

  • Roll Torahs

  • Change Torah covers

  • Organize Mahzorim

  • Organize Nametags

  • Prepare Kol Nidre Appeal Cards

  • Organize Children’s Books

  • Torahs and Toys

  • Clean Silver

  • Prep for Yom Kippur Break-fast

…among other tasks!

Refreshments will be provided along with a few fun repentance activities.

After our “Sweep” and time for some snacks and a “fun” repentance activity, we will gather in the sanctuary for the brief Selichot service led by Rabbi Cohen. The service gives us a taste of the High Holy Day prayers & melodies as we prepare ourselves spiritually for the New Year.

The service will conclude with the sounding of the Shofar.

Registration is not required

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